Pierce is Mr. Fix Anything

Bryan has been a part of our family for around 3 years and is our mechanic that can fix anything. If it is broken, he can fix it and fix it the right way. Like all our employees, Bryan prides himself on doing great work, in diagnosing and repairing, rather than just replacing parts until the problem is solved, saving our customers time, money and aggravation. Bryan had Owned his own business in his home town for 12 years before moving to Ohio, to be closer to his wife's family. He has always loved working on cars and has been doing so since he was a kid when he would help his father. He has many years of professional training, starting in high school with Auto Mechanics courses at his local Vocational School. After graduation of high school/vocational school, he completed Diesel Mechanic school,then started working for Ford dealerships in 1988, where he became a Ford Master Tech and an ASE Master Tech with L1.

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